2018 Gathering & Games

The following Policies are provided for your information.

Please carefully review the information before you make your reservation as policies may have changed from previous years.



The acceptance of persons to the RV/Camping area is at the sole discretion of the Caledonian Club of San Francisco and will generally be made within these policies. We reserve the right to over-ride these policies in extenuating circumstances or as required to resolve a problem..

Space may be refused to any camper who is overly noisy or otherwise disruptive. This includes loud partying, loud vehicles and noisy animals. Persistent disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and persons creating the disturbance will be asked to leave. No space refunds will be made under these circumstances.
If you have not reserved your space by August 15th, the space fee will increase as noted on the Reservation Form.

We cannot accept reservations for unaccompanied children or youths under the age of eighteen (18). These persons must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult..

If you have one or more vehicles that you are not sleeping inand they will not fit entirely within your space, they must be parked in a location designated when you check in. It is permissible to have your vehicle in your space if the vehicle and sleeping accommodation will both fit entirely within the space. Under no circumstances will parking on any adjacent or nearby unoccupied space be permitted. Delivery or pickup of materials may be made to your space but must be limited to thirty (30) minutes and the driver must remain in the immediate area. At all other times, aisles must be kept clear for the passage of emergency vehicles should they be required.
Generators, regardless of how quiet they may be, will not be run between the hours of 10:00PM and 7:00AM.
Please-respect your fellow campers. Loud singing, loud music, loud vehicles and any other noisy behavior will not be permitted after 10:00PM.
Open flame fires and fireworks are prohibited on any Fairgrounds property. Charcoal used in a metal grill or a propane camp stove, both with a wire cover are permitted.

We do not provide pet-sitting service nor are animals to be left unattended outside at any time. Air conditioning must be operating in any vehicle if animals are left in them during the day.
Additional instructions are listed on the Reservation Form. Please review them and abide by they.



We will accept reservations and deposits for spaces for the following year during the Games. If you wish to retain the space you are occupying for the next year, we suggest making reservations for next year before you leave. In the event you cannot attend after making a reservations, see the items below regarding your options.

All spaces are not the same size. We have set up the area to maximize the spaces available. We have provided spaces suitable for various sizes of tents, RV's and other vehicles. Vehicles over 40 feet in length may be harder to park. We do not have the space available to provide full hookup pull through spaces.

It is not always possible to place you adjacent to a person you wish to be with, especially if your accommodations vary significantly in size. We will attempt to locate you as close together as possible.

The Occupant of a specific space has the first right to reserve the space until June 15th of the year of the next Games. If a reservation has not been made by that date, the space will be available to another person.

With the exception of extenuating circumstances, once a reservation for a specific space has been made, the holder will not be reassigned for that year without their consent.

If, prior to leaving, we are notified by the holder of a space that they will not need the space for the succeeding year, the space will be held until June 15th of that year and then reassigned, except as noted in the section below.
6. If we are notified in writing after the Games that a space will not be neded for succeeding years, the space will be reassigned.
7. If you give up a space for whatever reason, we cannot guarantee you can have it back if your plans change as it may have already been reassigned.



If you do not use a space after making a reservation, your deposit can be refunded if you notify us in writing or by e-mail no later than the first night of your reservation . E-mail messages received after mid August may not be returned immediately due to our being in the process of setting up the Campgrounds. Cancellations made in this period will be handled as you specify. Refunds will be processed in September or early October.

In the event you are unable to attend for any reason and this is made known to us no later than the last Sunday of August prior to thr Games, the deposit can be refunded as noted above or you may carry the reservation over to the following year and we will place another person in the space for this year only. We can only do hold-overs for one year. If you cannot attend the following year, your deposit will be refunded and the space released to someone else.

If you make a reservation and find you cannot attend, it is acceptable to allow someone else to use the space. There are some restrictions, however. The person who reserves the space must advise us of any arrangement of this type, who will be paying as well as whether you wish to carry over the first night deposit to the following year. Notification must be made in writing or by e-mail no later than the first Friday of August. If we do not hear from the person who reserved the space in the time frame noted, we will not have verification that someone else claiming the space is doing so with the consent of the person who originally reserved it and the space could sit empty. It also would mean the first night deposit and the space would be forfeited.

Allowing someone else to use a space will be treated in the same manner as a normal carry over. If a space is reserved by one person but used by another and the person making the reservation requests a carry over but again does not use the space, it will be forfeited. In this situation, the person who actually last occupied the space will have the first right to reserve it in their name for the following year.

You may make a reservation for another person, but if you do, that person’s name, address, phone number and tent/vehicle information must be included on the Reservation Form. If that person does not attend without notifying us, the first night deposit will be forfeited.

Policies are subject to change without prior notice when circumstances dictate