The 154th Scottish Highland Gathering and Games features multiple entertainment stages with some outstanding musicians and bands performing a wide range of traditional and modern songs and tunes.

Albannach is Scots-Gaelic for "Scottish" or "Scotsman". That's exactly what this band is. All born and bred in Scotland, their purpose in life is to share Scotland's intriguing culture, history and heritage by means of our music. Albannach is not just another Scottish 'Pipes & Drums' band. They bring a new and exciting form of music to the Games. A championship winning piper, an extremely talented main drummer, bass drummers and bodhran musician bring a brand new approach to percussion and Celtic music. Albannach's style of music is exciting, energetic and enchanting and promises to leave you begging for more.
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Arbroath is a very experienced high energy duo from Sacramento, California focusing on Scottish traditional and modern folk music played in an original fashion and sung in English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic along with original songs written by lead singer/songwriter, Douglas McLean. Although he has been influenced by such diverse artists as the Tannahill Weavers, Alex Beaton and Runrig, his style is his own even when he performs one of their songs. His many original songs are based either on historical fact or stories about real people. Sometimes he writes the words and music about a book or a story he read, other times he likes to put the words of Scottish poets to music and occasionally he will be inspired to write words to a tune. Whether singing a heartfelt Gaelic love ballad or a Scottish battle song, his music resides at the heart of Celtic culture.
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Avalon Rising
Oakland, California-based Celtic rock band Avalon Rising is known for its unique sound -- a blend of psychedelic original rock, Celtic, and Medieval music. Their rich acoustic/electric sound features brilliant male and female vocals over intricate instrumental arrangements, supported by a vibrant rhythmic background. Their line-up includes electric and acoustic guitars, electric violin, Celtic harp, flute, bass, mandocello, drums, and vocals.
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Ed Miller
Ed has been hailed as "one of the finest singers to come out of the Scottish Folksong Revival" and as "one of Scotland's best singing exports." Originally from Edinburgh, he has for many years been based in Austin, Texas, where he earned graduate degrees in Folklore and Geography at the University of Texas. In addition to having recorded 9 CDs of Scottish songs, Ed is much sought after for concerts, clubs, house concerts, festivals, Highland Games, Burns Suppers, lectures, and workshops.
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Galen Fraser
Galen has played with renown musicians such as Alasdair Fraser, Natalie & Brittany Haas, Martin Melendez (of the Aupa Quartet), Henneke Cassel, and Colin Cotter. He has performed at The Mondavi Center, The Palace of Fine Arts, Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusettes, with members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and many other esteemed venues in the United States and Europe.

With a love for improvisation and composition, Galen's passion lead him to pursue music as a career, earning his Bachelors degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music. In August 2016 Galen released his debut solo album, "Mischief Managed featuring all original fiddle music and songs with guests such as Natalie Haas, Alasdair Fraser, Jenna Moynihan and Conor Hearn.'
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Michael Mullen ~ Trio Of One
Michael is a master of the fiddle and also plays guitar and sings. Using a machine called a looper, Michael plays through the accompaniment of a song ~~ verse and chorus ~~ then while that plays back he switches to fiddle, performing lead on violin and singing through the song. Michael performs solo on stage, but becomes a Trio of One!
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Peter Daldry
Experience Celtic music at it's BEST. Powerful and passionate vocals , delivered in a celtic folk contemporary style. Whether singing a heartfelt Dougie Maclean ballad or a rousing Scottish battle song, Peter Daldry's vocals draw the listeners in with a conviction rarely heard these days. Peter was also nominated for his song " I wish I Was in Glasgow" (song and lyrics by Billy Connolly) from his CD " Under a Leaden Sky" for Best A Cappella in the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards 2013. The Independent Music Awards is a prestigious international program that gets top-ranked independent artists & releases the recognition they need to reach millions of fans worldwide.
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Siamsa Le Cheile
Siamsa Le Cheile showcase a cross section of many types of Irish and Scottish music and dance, from the oldest (tunes and solo/figure dances from the Victorian era, early & mid 20th century, sean-nos and Munster old style) to today (modern competitive Irish stepdance and Highland dance) -- with stops along the way for set dancing, Scottish country dancing, tunes and dances from Cape Breton, the Shetland Islands, Donegal, and more. Their performers range from the very young to the young-at-heart and include modern competitive dancers and dance ethnographers, as well as musicians from both strong traditional and classical backgrounds - including musicians who are also dancers!
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Since forming in 1988, Tempest has delivered a globally-renowned hybrid of high-energy Folk Rock fusing Irish reels, Scottish ballads, Norwegian influences and other world music elements. The last 30 plus years have seen the San Francisco Bay Area based act release seventeen critically acclaimed CDs and play more than 2,500 gigs. It's also enjoyed an evolving line-up that's enabled musicianship and creativity to rise with each new member.
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The Browne Sisters & George Cavanaugh
They have been called "the folk group for people who thought they didn't like folk music", and are one of the most popular Celtic musical groups around. Sisters Diane, Pamela and Laura bring powerful lead vocals and haunting harmonies to every song, while cousin George's strong unaffected vocals and original guitar style brings a rich and authentic sounds to each piece.

The Fire
The Fire is a high energy pure-drop Scottish music band, with world class fiddling in combination with bagpipes, guitar, bodhran, and whistle. Most regularly performing as a duo, the group includes multi-instrumentalist David Brewer of the popular Celtic band Molly’s Revenge, and International Scottish Fiddle Champion Rebecca Lomnicky. Rebecca and David have each spent copious amounts of time delving into the traditions of their respective instruments, living and studying in both Edinburgh and the highlands of Scotland. Together they perform captivating Scottish music which bridges the gap between the fiddle and bagpipe music of Scotland—two worlds united, into a heartfelt and rousing musical experience.
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