Our Games features over 100 hand-selected vendors, both familiar faces and new, drawn from across California, the continental United States and Scotland itself to provide you with a myriad of unique, hand-made, and custom-crafted goods and produce including the following:

Kiltware: Formal and informal, and accessories including sporrans, pins, sgian dubhs, hose, and ghillie brogues
Clothing: Jackets, sweaters, dresses, skirts, tops, t-shirts and sweatshirts with your favorite clans and slogans, and custom made sandals, boots and slippers
Living History: Period clothing, costumes, bodices, swords, dirks and chain mail. Everything your favorite Lady or Knight could ever want........
Art: Tapestries, wall art and garden art, and rare and collectible books. Everything you need to decorate your home and garden!
Crafts: Custom made, hand crafted items ~ jewelry of gold, silver, pewter, jade and amber, pottery, leatherware, glassware, pewter, precious stones, embroidery, weaving and knitwear, ceramic tile, and wheat, yes wheat. Come and see for yourself! Jewelry
History: Heraldic merchandise and geneology. Trace your family history and see if you're related to William Wallace or Robert Burns!
Music: Instruments including bagpipes, fiddles, and drums, as well as instrument repairs, instrument cases, sheet music and cd's. Visit the Exhibition Hall to be entranced by the exquisite sounds of the dulcimer hammer!
Produce: Scottish and British themed produce including shortbread, jams, honey, toffee, Scottish Table, Irish Fudge, Welsh Cakes, and all your favorite packaged goods including Ty-phoo Tea, Hob-Nobs, Branston Pickles, Oatcakes, HP Sauce, Haggis, and of course, the legendary Irn Bru which as we all know is made in Scotland from girders!
Kids: Kids collectibles, face painting, pony rides, fairy costumes, hair braiding, bears and stuffed animals, and bow and arrow sets.
Exhibition Hall
Vendor Website Booth #
A A Company  7 & 8 
Aqua Vitae Crystal  20 
Barons Beauties 26 
Buzz Kidder 11 & 13 
Celtic Candies & Cakes 20 
Celtic Shoppe 12 
Claddagh Gifts  24 
Coole Designs 17 
Fischer Enterprises 
Gold River Costumes  
Heirloom Blessings  
Holy Heck USA 27 
Just Rewards 
McLarens Shortbread 16 
Nagle Forge & Foundry 10 
Off Kilter Kilts 
Postgate Jewelry 19 
Reedley Clayworks  22 
Scotsman USA 25 
St. Croix Weaving 23 
The Celtic Market Place 28 
The Fiddle Guy 
Touch of Britain 18 
Willow Jewelry 15 

Floricultural Building
Vendor Website Booth #
Handmaden Leather 
Heather Glen Designs  
illustrated stone   
Irish Charm 11 
Murphys Mustard Co. 13 
Pottery By Amy Davis  10 
Two English Ladies 
Wandering Angus Celtic Traders 
West Coast Chain Mail 
Willowroot Wands 

Food Court
Vendor Website Booth #
Celtic American Eatery   
Hearthstone Celtic  
Heritage Foods  1 & 3  
Taste of Britain  5 & 2  

Gems & Minerals Building
vendor website booth #

Hall Of Commerce
vendor website booth #
British Perceptions  
Brown's English Toffee 1  
C & T Global Enterprises  
Celtic Art Studio 
Clan Inebriated 
Daughters of the British Empire Tearoom Tea Room 
History of Names 10 
Jewelry by Rosemary  12 
MacKinnon Kilts 
Revelations in Stone 
Scentual Nature 11 
Small Commercial Building
vendor website booth #
Ayers Hand Woven 
Caledonian Heart  
Cloaked In Time  
Fellowship Foundry 
Indigo Lights 
Passiflora 11 
Reannag Teine 
Sages Woolenglass 
Sylvanwoods 12 
Torie Mc D's 10 
Trance Formation 
Wonderful Things 

Outside Vendors
vendor website booth #
Age of Chivalry  
Astral Chrysalis Designs  
CovenTree Olde World Market   10 
Govannons Forge  
Irish Castle Shop  
Little Dragons Toy Shoppe  
Party Animals  
Sierra Jewelers 

Young California Building
vendor website booth #
Adorn Thy Hair 
C.H.Hutchison 19 
Celtic Corner/Scottish Treasures 
Celtic Jackalope 18 & 24 
Crown Fellowship 15 
Eye Scry Designs 13 
Family History of Surnames 17 
For Your Pleasure / Sticks & Stones  20 
Got Kilt 
Kerr Imports  16 
Kilt Rental USA 12 
LyonCraft 10 
Phoenix & Crow 
The Celtic Croft 
The Welsh Baker 4 & 8 
Whimsy Fyne Attire 
William Glen & Son 21 
Wolf Den Leather  14